For All Those Sleeping: Outspoken

This is the sophomore release from Minnesota metalcore band, For All Those Sleeping, a band that to me never made much of an impact and still doesn’t seem to make an impact on this record. This is by far their heaviest record thus far, but this record is also nothing like the debut. It’s almost as if it’s a completely different band. The clean vocals have always been too poppy for me and lack the balls that the band’s music is trying to convey. The first album always featured a breakdown towards the end of the song as if to quickly justify themselves and fit in with what everyone else is doing. Now this record has breakdowns scattered all over the place, a lot more aggressive vocals, a couple of cool moments, but overall nothing new or exciting.

This is all my opinion though. I like a lot of bands that are similar to For All Those Sleeping, but for whatever reason, I could never get into this band. There’s something about them that to me just sounds fake. Granted, this album sounds a lot more “un-fake” (for lack of a better word), but I’m still not totally hooked on this band. I’m sure fans of this band will love the new record and I’m sure we”ll here more from them in the next year and next summer I imagine they’ll be on some summer lineups.

I think this is a band still trying to find their sound. The first album had a lot of cheesy lyrics and poppy musical elements with minimal breakdowns. Now we have a record that is delving in lyrical content that is slightly darker, adding a lot more breakdowns and being a lot heavier, which is a fairly familiar trend in bands of this ilk. It seems like this band are just trying everything in order to see what’s popular and most beneficial for them, and in turn they aren’t really creating anything new, they aren’t rivaling any other bands, and I think they’ll end up fading away before becoming the next A Day to Remember like some people are claiming them to be.

Maybe I’m wrong though. I know of a few people who are really into them and I’ve heard that they have a pretty decent live show as well, but having never seen them live and not being totally convinced myself makes it hard to side with them, but fair play to this band if lots of people get involved with them because of this album. There are some strong moments on this record and some admittedly catchy hooks, but nothing really memorable or remarkable.

Luke Helker


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