The Word Alive: Life Cycles

For me, this is a very highly anticipated album. After listening to the first record and then being able to see those songs live really connected with me and I think this band is one of the best bands in their genre. Life Cycles is the follow up to their widely acclaimed debut Deceiver. After listening to Life Cycles for the first time, I wasn’t completely hooked, but then again I wasn’t completely hooked the first time I heard Deceiver. It’s got a lot of immediate moments that are killer, but I’m going to need to give it more time in order for it to be up there with the debut for me.

I’m liking the album a lot and I think any fan of the band or fans of Attack Attack!, Of Mice and Men, or Miss May I that might not have heard The Word Alive before will immediately grapple on to this band. This is a really strong record and the only thing I really have to complain about it is that I wish I had it sooner. It felt like ages waiting for this album in 2011 when I saw this band live on the Warped Tour stage. That was the day I became a true fan of this band. I had always liked their music, but for me, they were the best band I had seen that day.

The band has aimed to impress with this new record and it’s clear from listening to this that the band won’t loose any fans with this record. If anything, they should be gaining more fans. Telle has been saying that this will be the band’s greatest effort, but I still personally find more enjoyment in Deceiver, but he isn’t wrong to make that claim. There’s a lot of new things going on, less breakdowns, and the tunes that are very different from Deceiver, but undeniably The Word Alive.

Luke Helker


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