Lostprophets: Weapons

“I’d rather die on my feet than ever live on my knees!”

This is the anthemic war cry from the track “Better off Dead” that translates into something of a theme for this band. That and the image of the Phoenix are appropriate themes for a band that has something of a roller coaster of a career, trying to stand out by doing their own blend of pop punk and post hardcore music. Their music has always had that working class-us-against-the-world element and that fire still burns brightly for them.

I like this band a lot and I know that a lot of their stuff is unpopular to some, but I think this band is great. However, I think the biggest problem with their music is that Alter Bridge are kind of doing what they do better, which means that the band need to try some new things in order to compete and still be relevant. That’s another problem this band has. They’ve never really gotten all of the credit they deserve. Start Something alone sold half a million units, and yet you never see Losprophets on any headlining set or even on that many tours to begin with. For one reason or another, this band are seen as having an audience composed of mainly children. It’s a shame because this band deserve a whole lot more than that. I’m not the biggest fan of this band and I not terribly thrilled with this record in particular. I think in 2012, Lostprophets needed to make a much stronger record.

But there is some hope. That band are playing this year’s Warped Tour and if they can really kill it and convert a lot of people with a killer set, they may find themselves being booked for more shows and possibly a rising from the proverbial ashes in the image if this Phoenix theme.

Overall, not the best album of their’s but for someone looking for ten songs that are straightforward anthemic fist in the air tunes, then you might enjoy this a lot.

Luke Helker


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