Jukebox the Ghost: Safe Travels

This is the third album from this indie-pop band from New York/Philadelphia. I’d like to say that third time’s a charm, but with this band, everything they’ve done has been absolutely brilliant and this is just another chapter in what will hopefully a long and fruitful career for these fellows. Just in time for summer, Jukebox the Ghost deliver a delightfully upbeat album perfect for the drive to the shore.

Their unyielding optimism is truly a breath of fresh air in a world where music thrives on themes of grief and hopelessness. The album really picks up where Everything Under the Sun left off two years ago and with the first two tracks of Safe Travels (“Somebody” and then “Oh Emily”), the band is able to continue the idea set forth in Everything Under the Sun, and then take it up a notch to really drive the companionship idea home and set the bar for the rest of the album. With infectious sounds, soft, delicate pianos, and consistent songwriting throughout, the band give us what is arguably their greatest effort to date.

“Man on the Moon”, “Adulthood”, “Dead”, the list goes on. An unbelievably strong collection of songs closing out with “The Spiritual.” Not the best Jukebox the Ghost song, but strong enough to really drive the idea home and providing the perfect closure for a remarkable album. Any fan of this band with finds hours of enjoyment from this album and wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more from this band in the near future. If you take away anything from listening to Jukebox the Ghost, it’s to always keep your head up high and remain optimistic despite whatever shit the universe is raining down on you today.

Take care guys.

Luke Helker


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