Spineshank: Anger Denial Acceptance

This is the fourth album from nu-metal/industrial metal-twinged group Spineshank. After releasing three amazing albums filled with rage, honesty, anger, and brutality, the band called it quits and got involved in other side projects (i.e. Silent Civilian). Now, the original lineup has reformed once again and have graced us with another album. But how does it stack up against the golden days? Well, if you’re looking for another Height of Callousness, then you will be disappointed, but all is not lost.

Yes, this album is a bit of a departure from their earlier albums, and yes they do downplay a lot of their aggression, but it’s not all bad. The production is great and some of the songs are killer, it just doesn’t sound like what they used to. I have to say though, they do sound a lot more commercial on this record and with nu-metal already being a virtually extinct genre, it seems like they were trying to still make themselves relevant in this new metalcore-dominant world…and didn’t do too well. I liked the record overall, but it’s my least favorite record of theirs and it kinda makes me just want to relive their glory days through Height of Callousness and Self-Destructive Pattern.

Overall, I think it was a good effort, but when we those first three albums, we don’t really need this album in 2012, which is horrible to say, but the harsh truth. But I guess that’s the reason the album title is so appropriate. Any fan no matter how casual or how strong will listen to this the first time and be angry by the way they don’t sound like they did a decade ago, will become in denial for why the band don’t sound the way they used to, but overall will hopefully be able to accept that they don’t sound like they used to, bands change and this is who they are now. When you look at it like that, you have to give them credit for sticking to their guns. It’s just a shame the album is as good as what the band are capable of.

Luke Helker


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