Whitechapel: Whitechapel

As much as I hate it when bands put out self titled albums that aren’t debut’s, I can’t argue with the fact that this album is probably the band’s greatest effort up to this point. This is easily a 7-8 out of 10 record and I look forward to seeing these new songs on this year’s Mayhem Festival.

In my opinion, Whitechapel are one of the best deatchore bands around and every album seems to solidify why. When the band first started, they released two of the most brutal albums in deathcore music (The Somatic Defilement and This is Exile). But recently, the band have been expanding their musical horizons and slightly altering their sound. The album A New Era of Corruption was a real turning point album for them because it featured a lot of curve balls and other surprises in their sound. Then they released the Recorrupted EP, which featured dubstep remixes of their music as well as an acoustic track of “End of Flesh”, the first song they ever released to feature acoustic guitars in it.

Now this self-titled album takes everything a step further in every good direction possible. The album opens up with the intro piano solo in “Make it Bleed” and then the songs takes of. “Make it Bleed” is one of the best songs the band have written and I can’t wait to see how well it translates live. “Section 8” is a monster of tune that was featured on the Recorrupted EP and returns to this album, giving the album more strength. “I, Dementia” and “Hate Creation” are also killer track and so is the rest of the album. It’s brilliantly produced and the album reminded me why I really love this band and makes me want to revisit their older music has really gotten me into the whole deathcore scene again. Ever since Job for a Cowboy started going downhill, I haven’t been as in to deathcore music as I once was, but Upon a Burning Body has revitalized deathcore and taken it to new heights and the old guard bands like Whitechapel are either dying out or carrying on stronger than ever, and that is exactly what Whitechapel have accomplished with this new record.

As I mentioned earlier, Whitechapel are going to be on this year’s Mayhem Festival along with the likes of Motorhead, Anthrax, Slayer, Upon a Burning Body, and the mighty Slipknot. It’ll be a hell of a rager and I’m sure Whitechapel’s set will be killer. I saw them back in December supporting The Devil Wears Prada (who are also on the Mayhem Fest bill) and they were excellent and even though they are a bit out of that world, the audience to be just as into them as any other band, which is great to see.

Go check out this record and be one with the dead!!

Luke Helker


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