All We Are

All We Are is a pop punk/easy core (can someone please explain to me what the fuck ‘easy-core’ is because I keep hearing that term, but am still unsure as to what that is) band from Pittsburgh. Originally named Hollywood Boulevard, the band not only changed their name, but changed their sound after an extended hiatus. The band have since regrouped themselves and have gotten their shit together. They’ve got an EP out with a bunch of killer songs on it and a slew of shows in the Pittsburgh area for all you to go and check out and support.

Listening to them, they remind me a lot of my buddy-from-back-home’s band Threads of Sincerity. It’s got that melodic almost poppy verse section with a stand up and shout and unison chorus and the occasional breakdown in the middle section. It’s a formula that seems to work with bands nowadays so best of luck to ya guys. I really liked the songs “If You’re not First, You’re Last” and “Someone Like You” and I’d very much like to see this band play live. They seem like a real crowd pleaser for fans of A Day to Remember, Four Year Strong, or Senses Fail. Please check them out and support their music.

Luke Helker


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