Begging Victoria

Louisville’s own pop punk band Begging Victoria deliver their own brand of ‘leaderless’ music through the powerful vocals of the beautiful Kylee Brielle Arnold. Arnold also serves as the lyricist and the bass player for the band. It’s clear to see hat she is the heart and soul of the band providing pleasing riffs, empowering lyrics, and an overall highly original and interesting musical creation.

I don’t want to diminish the role of the band behind her though, because they are just as tight, if not tighter, helping to mold and form the musical unit known only as Begging Victoria. The band recently released an EP entitled, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, earlier this month and is available for purchase via itunes, bandcamp, Google play, and Amazon, for only $4.95!! A worthwhile deal for anyone into pop punk music with a woman’s touch.

The production is clean and solid, the band is just as tight, and the songs are refreshingly original. I highly recommend checking out Begging Victoria. A great band on the rise to hopefully some spectacular heights. Another strong contender for a Warped Tour band. Hopefully the “Begging” part of their name will soon turn into something like “Receiving Victoria” (If you take that the wrong way, you’ve got a fucked up mind…but a reasonable jump to conclusions).

Luke Helker


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