Miss May I: At Heart

This is the third record from Ohio’s own, Miss May I. This metalcore band has been making some pretty big waves ever since they’re first record, Apologies are for the Weak in 2009. The band was performing on second stages on tours like Warped Tour and now the band are on the main stage at this year’s Warped Tour. Quite an amazing feat for a band on its third album. The band is making great progress and made arguably the best album of their career. It’s the album they need to make in 2012. It starts off with the ambient, instrumental, title track that builds up into the first single, “Hey Mister”. From then one, it’s a relentless barrage of heavy breakdowns, melodic choruses and intricate harmonies. Really a blinding album.

One of the things that I like about Miss May I is that even though they’re a metalcore/hardcore band, the clean, melodic vocals don’t sound poppy at all and it doesn’t take away from the more aggressive vocals. I find that some bands have clean vocals that try so hard to be nothing like the aggressive vocals and then there’s this polar shift happening in the middle of the song and it makes everything very disengaging and unconvincing. The melodic vocals are just as ballsy as the aggressive vocals. Levi Benton is one of the better vocalists in this genre and the rest of the band is captivating and musically engaging.

The progression this band has made has been extremely satisfactory to say the least. The leaps the band has made in between each record have been enormous in relation to their contemporaries. There aren’t many other bands within Miss May I’s niche that can compete with what Miss May I have been doing and rightfully so. Just listen to their records and you can hear and fully understand why Miss May I are as popular as they are. I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning and I couldn’t be happier with the way this band is progressing. I also can’t wait to check them out on the main stage at this year’s Warped Tour. I can almost guarantee the place will be mental when they take the stage. Buy the record, get on board with this band, and enjoy the ride.

Luke Helker


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