MAMA Bird Music Group

This particular posting is a going to be somewhat of a two-for-one deal in the sense that you’re going to get not one, but TWO band reviews and I’m also going to talk about what MAMA Bird Music Group is, the services they provide, and how all you local bands reading this might be able to benefit from this group.

MAMA Bird Music Group is an artist management company based out in Chicago dedicated to “…helping fledgling artists find their wings.” Right now they are currently working with Villains Company, Le Paige, and Archers & Illuminators (the later two of which are the bands I’ll be reviewing). With a dedicated and talented group of people at the helm, they are looking for bands mainly in the Chicagoland area to help gain some exposure for. If you’re interested contact them at

Now on to the reviews of the bands involved.

Le Paige: Le Paige is a pop punk band from LA and actually  won the chance to be on the Ernie Ball Stage on this years Warped Tour. The only problem is they play one date in their hometown, maybe two (im not sure exactly) so unless you live out there you wont be able to see them. Just trust me though when I say that this band has the potential to be the next Blink 182. The band has even had the honor  of playing such pivotal and incendiary LA clubs as The Whiskey, The Roxy, The Key, and the House of Blues. The band also just released their new EP Hit the Lights so please check that out and get involved with this band. They have the power to be the next big thing in pop punk.

Archers & Illuminators: Archers & Illuminators are an ambient, christian hardcore band from Chicago. Unfortunately they are not playing Warped Tour this year, but they are on the right path to becoming big names within their own niche. It’s all very passionate and very welcoming with open arms. Brimming with positive message and even more positive breakdown, Arches and Illuminators welcome all to come join them in their journey regardless of your faith and celebrate some great music.

There you have it folks. There’s a lot to get involved with, so spend your summer doing something constructive and spread the word.

Luke Helker


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