The Pandemics

Remember everything I said about Eli Whitney and the Sound Machine, about being the lovechild of Streetlight Manifesto and Against Me? Well I just found Eli Whitney’s not-long-but-still-lost brother, The Pandemics, another ska band from Long Island, New York.

I found that this group in particular was a little more conscious of their musicianship and was more horn-focused than Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine. Even they’re instrumental tracks are as infectious as the songs that feature vocals. Chris Malone’s vocals also sound similar to Tomas Kalnoky’s at points, which makes this band a very contender for a possible opening slot with Streetlight if they were ever to tour with an unsigned group.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, both The Pandemics AND Eli Whitney & the Sound Machine are in the process of working out a Co-Headlining tour!!! If everything works out and the tour actually happens, you had better make your way over there to see that show, because it’ll a party like no other. Both bands have debut EP’s out right now for you to check out, so please do so or else be forever known as a square. I’ll keep you posted on the status of the tour, until then, keep on ska-ing.

Luke Helker


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