Hometown Letdown

Being from a small desert town in Arizona, I’m not surprised that their hometown is a letdown. Hometown Letdown is a pop punk band from Tempe, Arizona, looking to get the fuck out and make a name for themselves. They’ve paid their dues all throughout High School and now they’re looking to move forward. The band just released their debut EP, Spitters Are Quitters, which you can access on Spotify (I don’t have a Spotify so I have no idea how that works out, but those of you with Spotify should know what I’m talking about). You can also find the songs on their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/HometownLetdown).

This band have a unique blend of old school pop punk like New Found Glory and Blink-182 and the more modern melodic hardcore sound of Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals. It’s fairly heavy as far as pop punk goes and anthemic and looking to unite people with raise your fist choruses and chant-along melodies. Despite the name, I wouldn’t be surprised if the band were heroes in their hometown.

The EP’s is either out now or just about coming out, but no gigs as far as I know of, so those of you looking to take a cross country road trip to Arizona might want to hold off on that for a bit. Check out they’re stuff if you’re a Four Year Strong, A Day to Remember, or New Found Glory fan. (http://hometownletdown.com)

Luke Helker


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