Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine

If Against Me and Streetlight Manifesto got married, had sex, and had a couple of kids, Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine would be one of those kids. Fun unforgettable songs delivered through a feel-good band of happy-go-luckys.

Here are some Long Island kids fooling about, making music with their friends, and simply having fun in the process. And the music is great too. I’ve got a real soft spot for ska music. I love Streetlight Manifesto, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and bits of Reel Big Fish, but these guys might be the next big thing in that world. It’s kinda hard to gauge that though because I’ve heard a bunch of ska type bands through all of this AHP promotion work and they all have their own blend of ska and I’m not sure what the market is for ska because these bands don’t tour all that much, yet they have huge fan bases. So I have no idea what will become of this band, but that’s part of what makes it exciting. Just making music and not worrying about the future.

You can stream their new album Mickey on their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/EliWhitneyAndTheSoundMachine) and download it via bandcamp. The album is a great party starter just in time for the summer swing. I’m just curious as to why they call themselves “Eli Whitney”. The real Eli Whitney has no connections to New York as far as I know and he invented the cotton gin, which has nothing to do with music. I guess it’s because he was an inventor and the band is “The Sound Machine.” Oh well.

Luke Helker


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