The Infidelities

The Infidelities are a female fronted rock/alternative group from New York. With quite an extensive history involving a lot of Craigslist auditions etc, the band have finally established a solid lineup and a solid collection of songs to back them up, which is impressive having only been serious for about a year or so now. They must be a very hardworking unit.

The music is very Taking Back Sunday inspired. They’re not emo because they don’t whine all the time and wear all black everything, but the songs do deal a lot with relationships and the troubles of love, and so on. It’s very simple, it’s loud, it’s catchy and people will be drawn into it if given the opportunity to hear it. As far as the lyrics go, some of them are quite strong and well written, while others are clever in a naive high school sort of way. The recordings are also a little rough, but it’s still very raw which makes the band sound grittier than what they’re actually singing about.

For only being in the game for about a year, this band have a good thing going for them. They’ve got a pretty substantial setlist of songs, a tight unit of players, a couple of live gigs coming up over the summer, and a significant following to support them all the way through. They just need to tighten a few screws like every band at this stage. It’s all very good though. Keep up the good work.

Luke Helker


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