At Tide We Sail

At Tide We Sail have a unique blend of electronics and post hardcore music that I’ve never really heard before. I believe their band page on facebook used the term “hercore”. I’ve honestly never heard of that before in my life, but if I were to venture a guess, I’d say it comes from the fact that it’s a female fronted post hardcore band hence the “her” in “hercore”. That’s just a guess though because there is also a guy singing vocals as well. I can’t keep track with all these new names for the same genre.

Regardless, I really like what this band are doing and I see some real potential hear. You can hear a couple of tracks on their facebook page, but they’re really rough. It’s cool though because the band are currently recording their debut EP which is set to be released later this year. I think with a solid production team working this EP, it’ll make the songs sound huge and the response could be massive. The band already have a solid following and with a lot of tour dates coming up, I predict big things for this band.

One thing I really like about their music is that they’re really heavy without relying on breakdowns and the bells and whistles that Of Mice and Men and other bands of that ilk have. If I were to compare them I’d say they’re like a cross between Parkway Drive with the intricate and strategic guitar work and the Paramore because Jenn’s vocals are similar to Hayley’s. There’s still a lot of originality in it that makes it harder to pinpoint what direction it’s going. We’ll just have to wait for the EP.

I’m actually very excited to hear more from this band. Even though they are from Colorado, they’re making their way over to the east coast so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to see them live. Keep your eyes and ears out for this band because they are here to stay.

Luke Helker


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