Sacre Noir

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sacre Noir is a dark electronica group fronted by Carrie Beattie. Much like my friend Hannah and her project The Batonist, Scare Noir delves deep into the dark chasms of ambient music and non-conformist self expression. It’s very dark and creepy, yet kinda poppy at points. I don’t know much about the whole dark-gothic-electronic scene, but after watching the band’s newest music video for the track “She Can’t Take it” , I’d say Carrie is somewhat of a Lady Gaga type figure in her own scene. I’m sure she’d probably kill me for saying that if she were right here next to me, but with all the masks and costumes and spooky images being flaunted in the video, combined with her dark, but slightly poppy sound, kinda made me see some traces of Lady Gaga in there (Sorry if I’m way off on that one).

The band appear to have a pretty solid thing going for them though. They have a few albums released and a new tour starting in August. Good for them. Like I said, I’m not too familiar with this whole scene because there really isn’t anything like this anywhere near me so I’ve never really been exposed to this type of music. I know the Birthday Massacre and AFI sideproject Black Audio and I’m not even sure if that stuff is in the same boat. I guess I need Carrie and Hannah to school me in this type of music.

Anywho, regardless of my knowledge or lack thereof on the subject, I thought it was all really good. Their music is very well produced and the songs are solid. The music is ambient and visceral, while the lyrics are haunting and help add the emotion that is generated by the soundscapes on each song.

Here’s there new video for you all to enjoy


I hope i didn’t just botch that whole review.

Luke Helker


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