Fear Factory: The Industrialsit

Industrial metal band Fear Factory are just about to drop their newest record entitled, The Industrialist. The Industrialist has a complex sci-fi storyline to it, so to help further explain the concept of this record, I pull some quotes from singer Burton C. Bell in an interview he gave about the album.

“The Industrialist is an automaton, which has become sentient,” Bell shared. “It’s the story of man vs. machine, like Fear Factory does. This time the story is from the perspective of the machine. In our world today, as technology develops and moves forward, the older model is replaced. That’s true in this story. The creator –man– is searching out the Industrialist and other types, other models of this era, to disassemble, to take them apart, to end their existence.”

Things go a little haywire when the Industrialist discovers the will to survive, via his newly sentient nature. ‘The Industrialist is leading the other sentient automatons in a fight against ‘the man’ who is trying to take them apart and end their existence,” Bell finished.

The interview also delves into the reasons why the band programmed the drums on this record. I’m not a huge fan of programming drums because it takes the human qualities out of the music, but when you have a band like Fear Factory that focuses all of their music around themes like man versus machine, it actually makes a lot of sense to program the drums and I’m surprised they didn’t do it for Mechanize.

As far as this album goes, it’s much better than Mechanize, which is amazing to hear because I thought Mechanize was one of the best things the band has done. This album has the power to be everyone’s favorite Fear Factory record to date. The first few tracks are absolute stormers and set the bar high for what everything to come on the record. The most amazing feature on this album is that there are a lot of hints to the bands past – Obsolete and Demanufacture (their best records) crossed with bits of the more modern sounding Mechanize – in some of the songs here and yet they still manage to make it sound fresh and exciting.

This is a phenomenal record from a band that embodies what metal is just as much as your Slayers’ and your Sepulturas’ and your Panteras’. If you’re not already a fan of this band, it probably won’t change your mind, but you should still check it out and get into it. Great record.

Luke Helker


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