Echoes in Color

Baltimore ROCK!!

Echoes in Color are a gritty pop punk band from, you guessed it, Baltimore Maryland.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m not a huge pop-punk fan at all anymore. I don’t want to complain about the scene and try and dissuade you from listening to that music if you like it so, that being said, I think fans of pop punk music will really enjoy this band and ¬†really dig them. I may not like pop-punk music all that much but I enjoyed listening to them. They’re a hardworking, honest band and they were very close to being one of those local bands that gets to play on the Warped tour for this summer, which would have been awesome to see. This is a band that would appeal to that Warped Tour majority with their gang vocals and pump-your-fist anthemic choruses. The band even have a pretty killer cover of the Pokemon theme.

Check ’em out and see for yourself. They just put out a five track EP that was actually really well produced. It gave a lot of weight to their songs and made them that much better. This is a band I could see opening up for All Time Low or Every Avenue or something along those lines. Keep your eyes and ears open for them, because I’m sure we’ll here more from them soon.

Luke Helker


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