Bully the Kid


Here’s a band that’s on the right path to success. Those of you bands listening might be able to learn a thing from what this band do. Hailing from New York City, these guys have been running train on the local underground scene. Playing hundreds of shows in clubs and rehearsing in poor, dingy conditions, the band have been shaping their sound for the past few years, combining their love for Nirvana, NOFX, and Alkaline Trio type punk bands into their own music, which melds some reggae elements into it as well.

At this point, the band have released I think two albums, one of which being all acoustic with alternate versions of other popular songs they’ve done before. They have also since moved out to Fresco, California where they will continue to saturate themselves in the local underground scenes and even hit up some of the more popular venues as they continue to develop and refine their sound. Right now, they sound a lot like a sum of their parts. For example one song will sound a lot like Nirvana, another will sound a lot like NOFX, another will have reggae bits and overall it lacks some consistency, but the songs are great. It just needs a little something extra to make it stand out and be more unique from everything else.

The band are on the right track though and if you can take anything from this, it’s that local bands need to tour relentlessly and deal with all of the shitty conditions and situations that present themselves. It’s called paying your dues and while you do that, hopefully you’ll be making good music with your buddies and enjoying every bit of it. I know these guys are.

Here are some link for you to check out:


Luke Helker


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