Under the Bridge

Virginian punk-reggae rockers Under the Bridge have a new album coming out in late July called Squirt!

Having been around since 2006, this band has really grown and matured as a band even though their music is still pretty silly. It has that tongue in cheek humor that Reel Big Fish has in simplified short songs, but it sounds more like Sublime playing old Green Day tunes. It can be relaxed and chill, or be played at breakneck speeds. There are also some moments where the guitars totally shred. It comes out of nowhere and it really gets “sexifies” the album. It gives it that last X factor to make it a great album. I enjoyed this album quite a lot and I feel that you all would too when/if you hear it. If you’re a fan of some of that 90’s punk rock, Sublime, or Reel Big Fish types of music then this is right up your alley. It’s got elements of all three in their music.

The album was also mixed very well. It sounds raw, but tight. Having never seen this band live, I can’t say what a love show is like, but I’m sure it’s a lot of fun. They seem like a band who can really own a crowd and get the crowd moving. I think 2012 can be a good year for these guys of you give them the chance. The musicianship is good, the songs are cleverly written, and they’re really good, which is all that matters at the end of the day.


If I get the bands permission, I’ll post a link for where you can download the album, but I highly recommend you purchase this album. It comes out July 27th. I’ll see you all then.

Luke Helker



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