The Agonist: Prisoners

Finally, its felt like almost a decade since I heard 2009’s Lullabies for a Dormant Mind by Canada’s own the Agonist and now we have the newest release from the band. Whats amazing is that this is only the third full length studio release from the band, yet the new heights this band have achieved are remarkable. They’ve really grown as a band and honed in on the strong suits of their sound to make this new record.

They also made some additions to the band’s lineup. We now have new guitarist Pascal “Paco” Jobin entering into the mix and apparently he wrote a lot of the songs on this record. He shreds like a mother fucker a lot, which Danny doesn’t. Danny isn’t a bad guitarist, but his style of playing is very reserved and with the flow of the music, while Paco’s is a bit more ostentatious and open. Having these two juxtaposing elements in the band though really helps to add depth to their sound and the guitars are frequently playing opposing riffs that mirror one another such. It’s actually quite brilliant.

And finally, the voluptuous Alissa White-Gluz sounds as awesome as her body is. Her singing has gotten more refined and the clean vocals are just has captivating as her aggressive vocals. The band sounds tighter than ever and their songwriting has improved ten fold. Really good stuff. They recently finished up a tour with Alestorm and Kamelot, but as of now, I’m not sure about any summer tours, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

This is all a very natural progression for a band like this, but I’m surprised I enjoyed the album as much as I did. I didn’t have low expectations, but they really stepped up and delivered on this record. It surely won’t disappoint any fans out there. When the album hits shelves in a few days, I highly recommend purchasing it. It’s a possible contender for the top 20.

Luke Helker


2 Responses to “The Agonist: Prisoners”

  1. It’s a great album! Paco wrote the song Predator and Prayer and Simon wrote the song Anxious Darwinians. The rest were written by Danny. He just stepped it up too 😉

  2. You can check out the video for “Ideomotor” here ! Also, be sure to pick up the album on iTunes

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