Architects: Daybreaker

Wow!! Talk about a comeback record. This is British metalcore/post hardcore band Architect’s fifth studio release and I would argue that it’s their best record to date. It’s a huge step up from their last record The Here and Now, which wasn’t that good compared to 2009’s Hollow Crown, which is the only other contender for best Architects record. This is a really fucking killer record. It’s as bone-crushingly heavy as Hollow Crown was, while making the more post hardcore elements of their music sound more mature and not pansy like most other meat and potatoes post hardcore bands.

They really use the weapons in their arsenal sparingly and conservatively as to not overkill certain aspects of it. They’ve got intense breakdowns, but not every five minutes and when they bring…they fucking bring it. “These Colours Don’t Run” features a breakdown where everything stops and Sam Carter shouts, “You fucking pigs” and then all hell breaks loose. It’s amazing. The title track is a scorcher along with many others. They also tried to go into more of a ballad-y territory on the last record and didn’t really succeed at it, but they tried again and I think they pulled it off.

This is really a great record. Not only that, but it’s the record that this band needed to make and it’s the kind of record the band should’ve made in 2012. Brilliant step up for the band. Not sure of any American shows. I’m sure they’ll be all over the UK this summer. I just hope I can see them sometime soon because I’m a real fan of this band and I kinda forgot about them after The Here and Now, but this record reminded me about why I love this band so much. They bear all of the hallmarks of a post hardcore band, but these guys actually have some balls in their music and in their playing, which is what sets them apart from the majority (and I love a lot of post hardcore bands myself, but we gotta be honest in that a lot of it is very meat and potatoes and a lot of it lacks balls).

Definite;y check this record out. It’s fucking fantastic!

Luke Helker


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