Miles Before We Sleep


Miles Before We Sleep is a six-piece post hardcore/metalcore band from Dallas, Texas (I don’t know exactly why they call themselves a six piece because according to their facebook, they really are a five piece and a ‘merch guy’). With an already impressive track record, the band are looking to make more of a name for themselves and really dent the hardcore/metalcore community. Being one of the heavier type of acts that the Warped tour puts on, I could see them playing to a crowd like that and gain loads of exposure. They’ve already played with bands like Memphis May Fire, The Browning (one of my favorites), A Bullet for a Pretty Boy, and Harp & Lyre so they’ve got   a great start and a rapidly growing fan base for sure.

The band just released a four track debut self-titled EP. The songs are very strong without relying so much on the bells and whistles that these other meat and potatoes bands try to put on as much as they can to gain popularity. Actually, the songs are quite well written; everything is placed strategically and conservatively. The EP is also very well produced. I imagine they produced it themselves, but it sounds really tight and professional. I really like the vocals and the guitars are super heavy. They also include some electronics but not to the extent of bands like The Browning.

Here be some links for you to check out at your leisure:…

They also have a facebook page as well so check that out. Until next time, keep on rocking.

Luke Helker


One Response to “Miles Before We Sleep”

  1. This Ep was recorded at Nerol Studios in Southlake, Texas. Produced by Loren Moore.

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