The Batonist

“Sounds like a female Pinocchio hanging by a harpsichord string from a bridge over troubled water”

I really couldn’t have said it better myself. The Batonist is the stage name for Hannah Edington, a fellow music student who is behind this dark masterpiece. She recently released her first full-length album, Better Off, a collection of songs the she’s been working on for the past four years and has put all of her blood, sweat, and tears into making this record. After listening to it I though, ‘she needs to be Tim Burton’s music supervisor’. It’s very dark, yet pleasurable. The lyrical content and the mood of the whole album is very dark and creepy, but her voice is very warm and comforting. It almost sounds like you’re trapped in a nightmare, but it’s all okay because her voice makes you feel safe.

It’s also something I’ve never really heard before. I’m not the biggest goth fan so maybe I’m missing out on a lot here, but it doesn’t sound like anything I could properly compare it to, which is fine because this needs no comparison. It’s very original and very well crafted. The songs are diverse enough within the genre and they all demonstrate different musical qualities. Edington is able to create some interesting sounds to help set the mood too. The song “Victoria’s Weeds” features a piano that sounds like the chiming of a Grandfather clock. That’s just one example of the many clever tricks she puts into her music.

I really enjoyed this album. Even though it’s not a genre that I delve into personally, I found it all very enjoyable and atmospheric. Even though the audience for this type of music may be small, you can’t deny that her voice is really special and her music, while it might not be your cup of tea, is very well put together and deserves your attention. Please check out her stuff:

Luke Helker


One Response to “The Batonist”

  1. Conner marone Says:

    I love her music her voice is amazing

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