Six Stories Unknown

Sweden’s very own pop-punk, easycore band Six Stories Underis a relatively new band and the members just turned 18, yet they’ve already shared the stage with a slew of well known bands in the Swedish scene and are already signed to an inde label based out  in Italy. Needless to say, they’ve got a good start and with some solid songs available and an album in production, I predict some big things for this band.

Im sure I’ve said this before about some of these new local bands, but Six Stories Unknown is a perfect Warped Tour type of band. They’ve got that explosive sound that’s great for blasting in your car with the windows down, melodic choruses to chant along to and some wicked breakdowns to bang your head to. They’re super tight for not having been together too long and perform like seasoned pros. I’d love the opportunity to see them, but I’ll just have to wait for now. Until then, you can check them out here using the link below:

Please check these guys out. It’s good stuff and everybody reading this will dig what they do. I guarantee it. Good luck guys. Keep up the good work. (P.S. I love all the artwork)

Luke Helker


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