The Regulars

I never really though of the UK being home to a lot of good indie bands, but The Regulars have proved me wrong. The Regulars are a power trio (except no one ever calls them power trios anymore) specializing in indie/rock music from Wolverhampton. They just released an EP as well, which I’m sure is very exciting for them. It’s a good EP too. It’s got three tracks on it that are really neat (for lack of a better word).

“Role Reversal” is a nice upbeat track with a guitar tone that reminds me of the Kinks and lyrics that are goofy in a clever sort of way. “Booze and Bruises” is a soft and chilled out track with a killer bass line and a very mellow feel to it. “Of Best Things” also starts out with an awesome bass riff before blasting into the rest of the song which is very bass driven. I think these guys are very talented and this debut EP is their step into what will hopefully be a long and fruitful career. If I had the means of doing so, I’d definitely try and catch one of their shows.

Either way, you should check this band out.

Luke Helker


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