“Dream it, and try to live it everyday.”

Zenadare is the brainchild of Blake Stahlhut, who is looking to take what he loves to the next level. His passion and drive for music is very heart-warming as I would hope everyone’s drive would be. His goal is to have people play his music at full volume in their cars with the windows down. If I had a CD of this, I would do just that (It’d be nice if i had a car too, but I can settle with my parents’ for the time being). This is the kind of alternative rock that sounds like the band are playing on top of a building for everyone to hear. It’s very loud and straightforward and extremely passionate.

Like most of us growing musicians, Blake has been in loads of bands and that has helped to shape him as both a person and as a musician. These memories and experiences both good and bad are then poured into his music for everyone to experience, learn, and live by. If I didn’t know any better, I’d also say that Blake is a christian artist with the way he includes a lot of inspirational themes into his music (I could be wrong on that, so don’t quote me).

I like his music a lot and I’m sure all my viewers here will enjoy it as well. Here be some links:

He also has a facebook page to check out, so please do.

Luke Helker


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