The Onset

The Onset are a melodic hardcore band from South Gate, California. (All these bands seem to come from either New Jersey or Cali. Talk about your East Coast West Coast rivalry).

The band that was once known as New falcon Way have changed their name to The Onset. Same people with the same love for the music they create, just a new name. What they do is a not-totally-unique, yet not-easy-to-place form of melodic hardcore. Spastic, heavy guitars, blazing drums, screeching vocals as well as poppy melodic vocals. It honestly reminded me of iwrestledabearonce crossed with Fall out boy when i first heard it. As ludicrous as that sounds, I honestly don’t think that’s out of the realm of what they’re trying to do. There’s a lot more of the poppy vocals compared to the screeching vocals though and it’s not as spastic as iwrestledabearonce, but the guitars have similar sounds and do a lot of the quick widdle-la-diddle-la-diddle-la-doos’ that iwrestledabearonce do in their music.

There’s elements of other bands in there though like Fall of Troy (I wish they would reform), Saosin, etc. so if you’re into any of those bands or anyone else that fits within that genre, then you’ll definitely like this band. All in all, I think this is a great band. I would say tighten up some of the screws on the music a bit and it’ll be perfect.

Luke Helker



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