For the first time thus far in this AHP business endeavor, I have received a hip-hop/rapper looking for a review. I’ve been waiting for a hip-hop artist to review because even though I am a metal/punk fan above all else, I still find a lot of enjoyment in some rap and hip-hop music. That being said though, I wouldn’t really call myself much of an authority on the subject, so you might want to take everything I say with a grain of salt.

What I am reviewing is a mixtape from Omar Guevara who goes by the name of Lunatic. if I knew about more underground rappers, I’d be able to try to compare and contrast him to other established artists and such. If you read my review on Chiddy Bang’s debut record, you’ll read this rant that i went on about how I hate most rap nowadays because the stories that defined rap as a genre don’t apply to these new artists and so forth. It’s true that the hustling on the streets and the dope of the 80s and 90s defined rapping as a style of expression and hip hop as a musical art form. Nowadays we don’t really have that problem and so the hip hop industry has been forced to reinvent itself and has become a cash cow focusing on the hits that will garner the most money and media attention with no real stories or genuine substance to carry it. But there still are tons of hip hop artists that focus more on the music than their off stage image.

To me, Lunatic is one of the respectable rappers that focuses more about his story and what he has to say instead of worrying about the beats. In fact, I found the beats and the music to be very minimal, providing a thin background to what Lunatic is rapping about specifically. I think he’s great. He’s got a good balance and doesn’t compromise his artistic integrity for the sake of a killer single, even though some of the tracks on this mixtape could be singles.

here are some links:
mixtape link:
Go check him out and keep your ears open in the underground community for this guys name to come out.

Luke Helker


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