Slash: Apocalyptic Love

Back in 2010, Slash released his very first solo record that featured a colelction of collaborative efforts with a slew of great singers and musicians ranging from Ozzy Osbourne to Fergie and Lemmy to Andrew Stockdale. Out of all fourteen of those tracks, one man got to sing on two different tracks. Myles Kennedy, singer for Alter Bridge (ex-Creed members) sang on two different songs on the first Slash record and now he and Slash have teamed up for a full album. Apocalyptic Love features Myles singing every song and Slash shredding just as often. The album also features Todd Kerns on bass and Brent Fitz on drums. Collectively, they are referred to as “Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.”

I just want to put it out there that Slash is one of my favorite guitar players of all time and I though Slash was a brilliant record (I especially liked the track he did with Fergie). I feel exactly the same about this record. Myles has one of the best voices in rock nowadays and his voice compliments what Slash does so beautifully. At this point, most everyone knows this already because Myles and Slash have been touring together for about two years now, but this new record absolutely seals the deal.

It’s exactly what I expected it to be, which is great. No real surprises and if you heard the tracks that Myles did with Slash in the first album, then you’ll know exactly what to expect with this new album. Just some good ‘ol hard rock. The songs are killer, the production is great…and just in time for summer!! Check out the tracks, “You’re a Lie”, the title track, and “Standing in the Sun”. There’s no real dip in the album and the album in total contains thirteen tracks. The deluxe edition features two bonus tracks, but those tracks are good enough to have been included on the album.

There really isn’t too much more to expound upon this. It’s a classic stadium rock album embodying everything about these two brilliant musicians and what makes them so magnificent. This one could easily be in my top 20.

Luke Helker


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