Daytrader: Twelve Years

This is the first full length album from Long Island pop-punk group Daytrader.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t give a shit about pop punk bands anymore because, let’s be honest, most of them suck nowadays and all the big ones that were at the height of their careers a few years ago have died out for the most part. There are still some that are reigning like Mayday Parade, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard, but that’s about it. Now there seems to be a new wave of a more underground and arguably more mature pop-punk scene that doesn’t bear all of the same hallmarks as bands like the ones listed above. Daytrader is more along the lines of Man Overboard or I Am the Avalanche.

I like these bands a lot more than I liked the “traditional” pop-punk bands. To me, these bands just sang fast paced love songs and tried to write high school anthems until they got famous and then they wrote songs all about partying and lost all of their potential (All Time  Low is a huge culprit of this in my opinion).

Anywho, enough of my complaining. Daytrader are a refreshing breath of a new pop-punk spirit. Most of their songs are mid tempo as far as pop-punk music goes and they also have a lot of acoustic songs. This is a band not trying to make the best summer anthem or win over the most girls. This is a band playing the music they know and love and feel. If you’re a fan of The Wonder Years, Living with Lions, or The Swellers, then you should easily enjoy this band. I feel like they’ll be playing Warped tour next year and be seen on many more occasions.

You can stream and/or download all of Daytrader’s music via their bandcamp page. I honestly recommend them (believe it or not). I really dug the tracks, “Dead friends”, “Fire breather”, and “Letter to a Former Lover” and I’m sure you will to if you give them a chance.

Luke Helker


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