Tenacious D: Rize of the Fenix

After defeating the devil way back in 2006 and after taking a few hits off the B.O.D. (Bong of Destiny), Jack “Jabels” Black and Kyle “Kage” Gass finally cashed Satan’s rent check and used it towards paying for the new record that is Rize of the Fenix, a chronicling of the events that have transpired post The Pick of Destiny.

I think Tenacious D are great. I find that all these mock-rock groups and artists are a lot more clever and talented than people that just parade on with their serious material. I was just watching some Flight of the Conchords before this and was thinking the exact same thing. The same could also be said about someone like Weird Al or even Dethklok from the adult swim show Metalocalypse. Anywho, I think Tenacious D are a funny as hell and very enjoyable. Despite the fact that their songs are extremely vulgar, they’re all actually very well written and some can even stand alone as singles apart from the album (just look at “Tribute” or “Wonderboy”).  Songs like “Rize of the Fenix”, “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and Rage Cage”, and “Death Star” are all songs that are strong enough to stand on their own as well as fitting in perfectly with the context of the entire album.

Besides having Kyle play beautiful acoustic melodies and Jack riffing away with his wild and crazy compositions, Dave Grohl joins the band to play the drums on this record (for those of you that don’t know, Dave Grohl played the Devil in the film Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny). Together, the musicianship in this band is as tight as anyone else.

I would love to see these guys live. I hear it’s a lot of fun and it’d be cool to say that I’ve seen Tenacious D- the fucking greatest band in the fucking world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – live. I’d also love for there to be another movie. I know that the movie blew and not a lot people liked it, but I guess I’m part of a minority here because that movie is a real guilty pleasure for me and I’d love to see what they would do for another movie.

Anywho, I think everyone who gets a kick out of this band and anyone who got all of the jokes that I included in this will really dig this record. There aren’t as many spoken word tracks, but there’s a really funny one with Felix, the classical guitar teacher who molests Kyle, and another one involving flutes and trombones. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it no matter what. Do yourself a favor and purchase the newest record from the world’s greatest band so that may reign as the greatest rock band in the world forever and ever and ever!!!!!!

Luke Helker


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