Here we go!! Some proper hardcore right here!!

Being American, it’s always cool and funny to slag off people from Canada, but truth be told, they got some great fuckin bands coming out of Canada, especially in the folk scene. Plus my favorite band in the world are from Canada…RUSH!!!!! Probably the worst thing to ever come out of Canada was Nickelback. I was also unaware of Canada’s hardcore scene up until now. It looks like hardcore music is a pretty big deal over there because these guys are from Ottawa and it appears as if there’s a real close-nit community of hardcore kids there, which is cool. The scene always defines the music. Even if the music sucks, it’s always great to be part of something that’s big, even if it’s big on a small scale (I don’t know if that makes sense at all, but I’m keeping it in there).

These guys are just the real deal. They’re really fucking good and i hope they can make it out to my neighborhood so me and all my other hardcore buddies can mosh, two-step and all those other asshole-ish things that people do at hardcore shows. No, in all seriousness, for a local act, these guys sound like some well-seasoned musicians and can probably shred on their instruments way beyond what you hear on record. Speaking of records, the band just released a new EP about a day ago that you can get off of band camp so I highly suggest doing so. The production is a little rough, but it sounds raw and I like it a lot. It’s got five absolutely stomping tracks that are some of the best hardcore songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Seriously, I’ve had a lot of hardcore bands come to me for reviews and I’ve done so obviously, but i also know that hardcore music may not be totally popular with some of the people that read this blog (i don’t even know who exactly reads this, I’m just speaking in generalities). Regardless, you should check these guys out. Support Ottawa hardcore. Support hardcore music in general. Support music!!

Luke Helker


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