Here we go!! Some real punk rock!

Sketch are an Irish punk rock band looking to resurrect the old guard with their sound reminiscent of the Sex Pistols and The Ramones. I love these guys because there’s way too many “punk” and “hardcore” bands that know absolutely nothing about what it means to be punk or hardcore. These guys fucking get it and I love them for it. They play fast, they play loud, the production is thin, they’re crude and they don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. If you love punk at all then do yourself a favor and relive those glory days with this band.

There’s honestly not much to be said about this band other than if you like The Ramones, old Green Day, Rancid, old Blink-182, the Buzzcocks, NOFX, or Screeching Weasels, then why the fuck aren’t you listening to Sketch right now!!

Here’s where you can check them out:

Go check them out now!! Stick it to the man!!

Luke Helker


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