Clear for Takeoff

Clear for takeoff are clear for a prosperous career. Here’s a band that’s really started to make a name for themselves in the North Atlantic area. They have what most people in the music industry call, “the whole package”, which means that they have great songs, a solid live foundation, and a representative uniform to match their style.

I’m actually really surprised that I haven’t heard of this band before they emailed me. Having shared the stage with the likes of the Black Keys, Two Door Cinema Club, TV on the Radio, Cee Lo Green, Hawthorne Heights,  and Deadmau5 (among others) as well as having their newest EP produced by Rob Freeman (who worked with Cobra Starship, The Gym Class Heroes and Hit the Lights), you’d think someone like me would have heard this name pop up on a few more occasions.

Regardless, I feel like within the next five years, this band will start to crop up more and become a more recognizable figure in modern rock music. They’ve got that mature pop-punk sound that opens them up to playing anything from Warped Tour to Lollapalooza. The could also get some substantial airplay if all the cards are played right. They’ve got a Green Day-Yellowcard mix to their sound that I’ve never really heard like this before. I’ve also heard that they’re a killer live act, so I’m definitely going to try to give them a shot. The band is from Maryland, so they have a bunch of Maryland dates over the summer, but they’ll be playing at the Croc Rock in Allentown at the end of the Month so definitely try to make it out to that if possible. You won’t regret it.

Here’s some links for you guys to check out. Enjoy

Luke Helker


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