Welcome to the World of 8.

“A world where two powerful nations once stood face to face; unable to settle their differences. A powerful war raged on leaving both sides in an unbudging stalemate. Unwilling to lose, they had no choice but to bring out their deadliest weapons against each other.

The two nations fired away at each other, oblivious to the consequent consequences. The colliding energies became one and blanketed the entire planet, destroying everything in it’s way. Nothing and no one remained…except one thing.

Something was created from the destructive blast…

A new God was born…

SIOS was born.”

That is the description of the band that they put on their band profile. I like the story behind their “inception” if you will, it reminds me of Gwar and their whole cosmic-origin. The band also have given themselves stage-names to go along with their image. There’s ‘Enigma’ who plays guitar, ‘Apple’ plays rhythm guitar, ‘Dice’ plays bass and ‘Gabriel’ plays drums. There is a singer though, but I’m not sure exactly who that is. This band are nothing like Gwar though and although they may look metal, they’re very progressive. There’s an occasional metal riff placed strategically in their, but for the most part, the music of SIOS is atmospheric and ethereal.It’s really good if you’re a prog fan at all. They’re very versatile and their songs are well written. if you want to go on a musical journey, then let SIOS lead the way.

You can check them out for yourself on their facebook page:, or their official band page:

They got a couple gigs lined up and their from New Jersey so definite;y try to check them out if you get the chance.

Luke Helker


2 Responses to “SIOS”

  1. Nino New Jersey Says:

    Sios is an amazing band thier music is so cool and te members are incredible too talk to great personalities even more, They’re Great musicians love sios band awesome Band their next show is at Crossroads in Garwood N.J. Check them out

  2. Sios is amazing! Great band, great music, great musicians! Check them out if you haven’t done so yet! Love this up and coming band. I look forward to seeing them perform again at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ on May 27. Come check them out!

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