Send the City

I like this band a lot, but when i was listening to them I found it slightly difficult to properly identify what kind of band these guys are.  The guitars aren’t heavy enough to really be considered in the hardcore realm (except for a few instances) and the vocals are too mature for a pop-punk label, but I think I found an accurate description of what this band sounds like: The sound like Paramore if Paramore were fronted by a man. I think that’s a fair description.

I like these guys a lot though. I’m not a huge fan of Paramore, but what these guys do is nice and fresh. Their sound is solid and refined and their EP is a brilliant display of where this band are headed. It’s wonderfully produced and sounds nice and tight. It features six original tracks that are very well written. I really like “Until we Surrender” and “If you Could Remember” personally, but all the tracks are absolutely killer. As far as I know, the band doesn’t have any gigs coming up. but I’m sure if you all go and ‘like’ them on facebook and start downloading their EP, they might be able to make some dreams come true.

Please spread the word. These guys got a good thing going and I know that once you hear them you’ll all love them too. Please help them out.

Luke Helker


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