Both Goners

Another interesting band coming out with their own creative blend of sounds that makes it harder for someone like me to pigeonhole them into a particular niche, which is nice because I don’t really like to pigeonhole bands, especially if they’re new and trying to make a name for themselves. Both Goners have bits of hardcore in there, there’s also traces of metal and alternative. They’re not terribly heavy, but the vocals go back and forth in hardcore styles and pop-punk styles.

I like them a lot. I wish they had more music because the one song they have available on their bandcamp, “Sepia”, is a real tune! Love that song and the other featured song, “It was more than just Pneumonia” is also a great track. The band recently sent out an email to a few of their followers, but I think all of you should be in the know in terms of what is going on with this band, what to expect, etc:

We haven’t been keeping up on keeping everyone up on what we’re doing. So here’s a little update to our Bandcamp music downloaders:

Micheal is no longer our singer. Things sounded good and went well, but certain thing just don’t work too well.
We made a Tumblr (where we actually talk about the Micheal situation a little more in depth, if you care to read it).
We’re in the process of writing something like seven new songs that we hope to be able to play for you guys in the next few months.
There’s a lot we wish we could be doing, but can’t, due to lack of funds and promotion in a lot of areas, but we’re trying our best to get out of the basement where we practice and out onto the floors of someone else’s basement to play some shows.
Hopefully we’ll see you soon, and if not, just keep in touch with us. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or just send us an e-mail back and we’ll chat or answer some questions or some if you want.
To check this band out, visit their facebook page. I really like this band a lot and the only way I’ll hear more from them is if you guys show your support. I know you’ll love them too once you listen to them so please check them out.
Luke Helker

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