I gotta say, I’ve seen my fair share of cheesy, silly, and ridiculous band names, but Czechmate is one of the most clever band names I’ve ever seen. I wish I’d thought of it myself. Great name.

Czech mate are an alternative/indie/rock band from Sittingbourne, UK. To me, they sound like a punk rock band of the seventies being played by a modern indie rock band, kinda like the Ramones meets the Arctic Monkeys or the Sex Pistols with the White Stripes. When I say punk though, I don’t want to undermine the musicianship of this band. They’re all very talented and each brings a lot to the table in order to make the band the functioning machine that it is. With taking in all those influences and incorpoarating all of those elements into their music (the guitar solo in “Quik-Fire Lightening” sounds like Jack White’s guitar tone on the Elephant record) the band are remarkably original and creative within their musical boundaries. One guy does drums and sings a lot, which is hard to do, trust me. Another guy plays guitar, keys and vox. A lot is going on and it all makes the music sound well layered and brilliantly created. Almost like thinking man’s punk or a thinking man’s indie.

It kinda sucks that they live in Britain because I know most of the people reading this are in America. If any of you guys ever get the chance to go to the UK, check this band out. They’ve got a couple shows lined up for them now so I’m sure they’ll have more when you get there. In the meantime check them out, spread the word, you know the drill, I trust you know what to do. Here’s some links:

Talk to you later,

Luke Helker


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