Finally! I’ve been waiting for a hardcore band like this for a while. Playing in the same vein as bands like Moving Mountains, La Dispute, and Defeater (a personal favorite of mine), Counselor are simply a band playing music to spread the good word.

I’m not religious and I don’t really follow-up or check to see if bands are religious, but I also don’t judge or criticize these bands because I don’t believe in what they say or practice what they preach. At the end of the say, these bands still write good songs and that’s all that matters. I’m a big fan of a ton of christian metalcore bands (see my reviews for the new Demon Hunter or War of Ages albums), but I don’t think I listen to a lot of christian hardcore bands. Maybe I do and I just know it? Either way, I don’t really care too much.

Needless to say, I’m really digging this band. I find it very difficult to be a really good hardcore band because it’s hard to capture that raw emotion and really make real and genuine for the listener. In todays age of hardcore, bands like La Dispute, Title Fight, Defeater, and Touche Amore, Counselor could very easily make a name for themselves. They gotta tighten up some screws and fix a few things production wise, but the band are already far down the right path and the things that need to be fixed are easy fixes, so a long as this band are able to properly saturate themselves then we could definitely see more of these guys.

The band is from Muskegon, MI, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t support them! They have a facebook page and a bandcamp page and they NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please spread the word to all of your “cool” hardcore friends because I know you have some (everybody has hardcore friends). Even if you hate hardcore music, why should you try to deprive local bands from trying to make a name for themselves. We’re all here for the same purpose – spreading the music. We may express ourselves in different mediums and styles, but we’re all one big happy musical family, so please support your family.

Luke Helker


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