Face the King

With a name like this, I honestly thought they were some sort of sub-average hardcore band filled with breakdowns and no substance. Boy was I wrong and thank god. I’ve had my fill of those bands, but Face the King are the complete opposite from what I was expecting. They kinda sound like U2 mixed with Kings of Leon with a touch of Radiohead.

Hailing from New York, Face the King have been around the NY scene for a while and have developed a true arena rock sound condensed into more of a accessible soft rock delivery. The band have even been fortunate enough to have gotten sponsorships from companies including but not limited to Blackstar, Korg, and Vox. They band also got to play at the NAMM music conference which is a huge deal for those of you who have no idea what NAMM is. (I recommend looking it up)

The have a song up for you to download via their facebook page called “The Burning and the Falling Down”. It sounds just like U2 from their Joshua Tree days, or the only really good songs by U2 worth listening to. The song opens up with that signature guitar swell, pan,  fade in that opens up almost every track on the Joshua Tree. The guitar player is definitely a massive Edge fan and it’s clear listening to the rest of the band that Bono and the guys in Kings of Leon have had definite influences on the band in some shape or form. Now, for those of you who don’t know much about me…i hate Kings of Leon with a passion. I also hate U2 with a passion. The two (three albums) that are brilliant of theirs are Joshua Tree and War and I’ll accept The Unforgettable Fire, but fuck everything else that band have done. There’s no talent, creativity or anything substantial in their music and I’m sick of hearing Bono go on about the environment and how we need to protect it when he hauls 15 fucking enormous diesel tanks to carry that dumb ass fucking ridiculous stage set of theirs that seems to break on them. It may be hypocritical of me to say this considering all the metal and hardcore music I listen to, but I can’t fucking stand the vocals in Kings of Lean. They just piss me off to no end and I can’t get into them at all. But just because I may not like this or that doesn’t mean you won’t.

Sorry, I got carried away there. No, but seriously, I wouldn’t be talking so highly of Face the King if I didn’t think they were good enough. They have the good bits of U2 in with the tolerable bits of Kings (in my opinion) and some of the clever bits of Radiohead sprinkled on top, so how can you not go wrong with that if you’re a fan of alternative rock!! You can’t. So go check this band out. They have more music on their reverbnation page and I believe they are in the final stages of completing an EP or it’s already out so go check it out no matter what. They’ve also got a few summer dates planned around the New York area so go support them if you can. Actually, they’re playing Philly on the 15th of June at Legendary Dobbs so there’s a great opportunity for you to check them out. Here’s some links:



The band is also looking for a new drummer so to all my drummer bros out there….here’s your chance.

Luke Helker


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