War of Ages: Return to Life

Represent Pennsylvania Yo!!

Arguably one of (if not) the best christian metalcore band around right now, War of Ages have just released another magnificent record. Return to Life is definitely going to be a fan favorite. When they released the first single, “Redeemer”, I knew this was going to be something well worth listening to. Now that I’ve heard the full album I think it’s AMAZING!

I’m not religious at all and the idea of christian metal music may strike people as being an oxymoron, but when I hear bands like these guys, Demon Hunter, For Today, and I the Breather, I can’t help but feeling some sort of spiritual connection. They’re all just sooooo good.

There’s nothing new really going know with how War of Ages sound and what they do on record, but that’s totally ok. I don’t think we would want it any other way with them. When you’ve got songs like “Redeemer”, “Psalms”, “Fallen Idol” and “Silent Night”, I think fans will be just fine with this record.

Because I’m not terribly religious and not the best authority on what religious music is all about, I asked my friend Billy Wilson, a die-hard War of Ages and metal fan like myself,  his opinion on the new War of Ages record. He said:

“It makes my nipples hard and gives me a boner all at once.”

He also said, “War of Ages’ songwriting just keeps getting better and more mature. I can’t wait to see them keep growing.”

I think both responses sum up the album in a nutshell quite well.

If you read my review on Demon Hunter’s new album, I said that that was another really strong christian metalcore album and worthy of being in my top 20, well now that I’ve heard this album, it looks like my top 20 is going to be filled with these bands tis year. War of Ages, Demon Hunter, and I the Breather have all released really strong records this year and I’m sure For Today will follow through as well. This is going to make this year a really tough year to list.

Luke Helker


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