Born in Asia and raised by ducks, Defamation are a heavy metal band  that currently reside in Orange County and  really have a good thing going for them. They’re super tight with lots of galloping bass drums with some Avenged Sevenfold influenced guitar melodies and last, but not least, a singer to wrap it all up beautifully with his snarling vocals and impressive melodic choruses.
My personal favorite song of theirs has to be “Apotheosis” because I feel like this song best demonstrates who they are as a band.

One thing about them that really stood out to me was what they posted on their information section of their facebook page:

Our mission is to bring a message of love and to restore peace and harmony to the world through our music. We believe that a better world is worth fighting for. We have been working very hard in order to reach everyone who is willing to listen. As a band, we want to create an environment that makes our fans as much a part of our music as we are.

To me, I think that’s amazing. It’s that kind of attitude where, even if you’re not a good band, I feel like you should still go far. Fortunately, these guys have both, the right attitude and some really strong tunes to back them up. What really amazes me is that they’ve only been seriously performing and writing music since 2011! They’re really making leaps and bounds and I applaud them on their current accomplishments and their EP. Please check out their EP. It’s called The Defamation EP and you get via Soundcloud, itunes, facebook, etc. Below are some links:

Now go check them out. If you’re a fan of heavy metal like me, then there’s absolutely no reason for you not to enjoy listening to this band. Buy their EP; it’s well worth it.

Luke Helker


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