Named after the Italian word fro “travel”, Andare, a local Pittsburgh hardcore band are trying to evoke new emotions and push the boundaries of their creativity within their niche by combing hardcore/metal music with some ambient influences. If you like any form of hardcore music with metal influences at all, you’re bound to like this band.

The best part about reviewing all of these local bands is that they’re all really good. Regardless of their genre, each of these bands have a lot to offer and have some really good songs. Andare are no different. Their sound is super tight thanks to their rhythm section. The guitars slice through like a hot knife in butter, but also provide a melodic backdrop for everything else thats going on rhythmically as well as vocally. Say what you want about that shouty-hardcore-scream type of singing, the fact of the matter is though that it’s extremely emotional and accents the music perfectly. This guy can also do some deep metal vox too, which is always a plus in my book. Overall, it’s kinda difficult to say they sound like this or remind me of that because there’s a lot in their music that sums up what they are and I feel like they’re really influenced by whatever local scene is thriving in Pittsburgh at the moment.

For most of you in the lancaster area reading this, Andare have performed with Belie My Burial, a popular band that have made a significant impact in the local hardcore scene here at Lancaster, so thats a great reason to check this band out. You can do so by going onto their facebook page,, and checking them out. This band would favor extremely well if they were to come to Lancaster, so hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of them. Like I said though, they’re based out in Pittsburgh so that’s not the easiest of journeys. Andare have a couple gigs coming up though, which you should check out regardless of wether you’re near Pittsburgh or not (just make sure you don’t wear a Flyers jersey). You can find more information about their shows, their music, etc. on their page, which I highly recommend doing.

Peace out!!

Luke Helker


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