Mike Giordano

Mike Giordano is a singer/songwriter/producer based out in NY “with overwhelming talents and a voice that will swift you off your feet” (facebook “about”). While I think that “swift” should be changed to sweep, I wouldn’t argue with that claim in the slightest. This guy is extremely talented and could certainly be a force to be reckoned with. The music he plays is pop-indie blend, but his voice is unlike any other.

It’s almost like you’re listening to your favorite post-hardcore band like A Day to Remember or something and then there’s an acoustic track and you think to yourself, ‘man, he can really fucking sing’. That’s exactly what I thought when I was listening to “Letting Go”. It reminded me of when I first listened to A Day to Remember’s Homesick with that song “If it Means that Much to You” closing out the album. That’s not the best analogy and I’m not trying to compare Mike to Jeremy, but you get the idea. This guy can sing to the stars and then some more.

If you go on his facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/MikeGioMusic) you’ll find to tracks of his to check out and enjoy. The first is “Letting Go”, which is delivered solo acoustic, but I feel like the song really lends itself well to a backing band. The other track, “Runaway” features some percussion in the background as he strums his ukulele. Classic chill-out song and perfect summer anthem. Strike that. BOTH songs are perfect summer anthems.

As a musician/songwriter, he’s got some mighty fine chops. There are tons of hooks and the tunes are really catchy. The voice helps to bring it on home, but a voice is meaningless unless the words that he’s singing have some truth and conviction to them and he totally has all of the wrapped up in a little bow I like to call production. In a world where everyone can be their own producer nowadays, Mike is definitely displaying his abilities behind a mixing board with these songs and I think the songs are very well produced.

All he really needs are more fans to support him….that’s your cue to come in and take over. Check out his stuff and even if he doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then please keep spreading the word.

Thanks guys

Luke Helker


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