Hello Summer

Hey guys!! So like I said before, Cassie of Aesthetic Heart Promotions and I have teamed up in a promotional escapade. I’ve received a number of emails from bands looking reviews and so this is the first of hopefully many reviews to come. Enjoy and please support these local artists.

Hello Summer, a French, all girl, Pop-punk band combining slick ans sexy vocals with a Joan Jett/Runaways guitar edge to it. Throw away all of your previous beliefs or opinions on female groups because these girls are here to rewrite the books on pop punk. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of pop punk nowadays. In America, it’s all became the same lifeless bland of Blink-182 rip-offs and immature party-mongers (with the exception of a few good bands here and there like Mayday Parade or Man Overboard). However, it looks like France is brewing up some sort of pop-punk revival.

I said revival not because pop-punk is dead. I say revival because I feel like if Hello Summer were exposed to more American audiences, they would absolutely love it. Their music provides a perfect backdrop for what their name suggests and I can see this band easily headlining the Vans Warped Tour in a few short years, if the word is spread. But therein lies the issue. Because this band are from France and not well-known, it’s very difficult to get American exposure. That’s why I’m linking their facebook page to this post. They have their first single “Destination Dreamscape” posted on their for your listening pleasure and I highly recommend you doing so. I’ve been playing the song on repeat for hours now. It’s devilishly catchy and is easily a summer anthem.


The band is also working on their EP Summer Atlantic to be released this summer, but they really need your help. If you like what here and really want them to come to America, please spread the word! They’re a really good band and they deserve your attention. If you like Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue, Hey Monday, or anything that reminds you of the perfect summer jam, then you’d be out of your mind not to check out Hello Summer!!

Luke Helker


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