All Hail

Here’s another great up and coming band for you guys to sink your teeth into!!

South Jersey’s very own All Hail presents a creative blend of a hardcore style but delivered in almost a deathcore sound. It kinda reminds me of something like The Ghost Inside meets the Acacia Strain. It’s not terribly fast and in your face in that hardcore punk style. It’s a bit slower with chugging guitars, but it’s bone-crushingly heavy!! It’s really good  and although it’s certain;y not for everyone, I’m sure tons of the people who read this will really dig this band because this is the type of music that I love right now. It’s the perfect soundtrack for me if I’m pissed off and just want to punch a hole through the whole.

Their band page on facebook currently has about 4 tracks on there right now and I seriously recommend checking them out. “Jive Turkey” is a killer track and “Knowledge” is a stormer as well. Very brutal stuff and not for the faint of heart. You should still check them out no matter what.

As far as I know right now, the band are working out some last minute production details and will begin printing CDs for an album soon. As soon as I hear from them all of the important details, you’ll be the first people to know. I also don’t know right now about current or summer tour plans, but same thing…once I find out you will too. Luckily though, they’re located in South Jersey so most of you reading this will be able to make it to a show if they have one so please get involved. I can totally see this band making some headway in this particular scene, but they need your love and support. So please check them out on facebook and check this shit OUT!!

Luke Helker


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