The Safety Fire: Grind the Ocean

This is the first full length studio album from Britain’s own The Safety Fire. (They released an EP back in 2009)

At first when I saw that they were labeled as a progressive metal band, I thought that they’d sound very djenty because, for whatever reason, these two terms have become synonymous. Thankfully, this band are not djenty at all. They’re a real deal prog rock band. Much like Tesseract or Dream Theater, The Safety Fire rely on visceral soundscapes and slightly cosmic textures to carry the band. They do get heavy on a few occasions as well as get really quiet and contemplative in lots of section.

Musically, this band are top notch. Really intricate hooks, soaring melodies and very technically driven (especially on the first two singles “Huge Hammers” and “Floods of Colour”). When they get heavy, they go balls to the way. When they get quiet, the intelligence never ceases. I also love some of their use of extra instrumentation. For example, there’s a marimba featured in one of their songs (it’s brief, but you never really hear some of these extra instruments in contemporary metal).

The band are currently on tour with Periphery, Protest the Hero and Jeff Loomis, all are extremely talented musicians and I would highly suggest going out to see them if you get the chance. They’re playing the Trocadero in Philly on Sunday, so try and go out to that. I might be there so I’ll see there.

Definitely check these guys out of you’re into Tesseract or Chimp Spanner. Dream Theater fans might not like them as much for the vocals, which are not clean all the way through. He doesn’t have a horrible metal voice, but most Dream Theater fans don’t like really a lot of metal due to the vocals and so they like Dream Theater because there’s no metal growling or anything like that.

Luke Helker

P.S. The album cover makes me really hungry. Does it do that to you?


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