Demon Hunter: True Defiance

This is the sixth studio album from these Seattle Christian Metalcore giants. I would consider Demon Hunter to be one of the leading leaders in contemporary christian metalcore along with bands live War of Ages, As I Lay Dying and Underoath, among many other good shouts.

I first got into Demon Hunter around the time when the third album dropped (The Triptych) and I really fell in love with those first three albums. When Storm the Gates of Hell came out, I thought ‘wow, they’re really changing their game.’ They were heavier and their melodic choruses were better than ever. Then The World is a Thorn came out and I was blown away again! That album was a real stylistic departure for the band, yet it retained the undeniable roots that make Demon Hunter amazing.

This new album does the same thing for me. It’s another brilliant Demon Hunter album filled with everything the band have learned in the past ten years of their career. “My Destiny” is a stormer tune (among many others on this record) and I believe there’s a video out for the song now or soon to be. Ryan Clark’s vocals are on top form. in fact, I’d day they’re the best they’ve ever been on record. His vocals are what set each record apart. His vocal diversity, while distinct, is different on each record and governs how the rest of the band sound all together.

The artwork is also awesome. I love how they have that demon skull on every album cover, but it’s always different based on theme of the album. This is probably their best album cover too, in my opinion. It kinda goes to show you how important album artwork can be in music, especially metal music.

Other tracks to check out: “Someone to Hate”, which is a straightforward metalcore anthem; “This I Know”, which has some of the best chorus hooks that the band has ever written; and “Crucifix” is arguably the heaviest and best song the band have ever written. Truly a unique and well written album. This is probably the best thing that they’ve ever done. While Summer of Darkness continues to be my all time favorite album by this band, this is such a strong record and should not be overlooked at all. I highly recommend purchasing this album. It’s got the potential to be in my top 20 albums of 2012.

Luke Helker


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