Job for a Cowboy: Demonocracy

This is the third full length studio album from Arizona death metalers. I have to say though I’m liking this album  a lot more than Ruination. I liked Ruination a lot when it came out, but then realized that it wasn’t as good as what I thought it was. This record is step back into the “right direction” in my opinion, but I don’t think the band will ever be able to really top the Doom EP. “Entombment of a Machine” almost single-handedly defines deathcore music and the impact the band were making and I don’t think we’ll ever get another song like that from them again unfortunately.

If you know what Job for  Cowboy are all about, then there won’t be too many surprises on this record. For those of you that don’t know. Job for a Cowboy used to be a deathcore band (Doom and Genesis defined what deathcore was and then they became death metal with Ruination and now Demonocracy) but I would consider them to be death metal nowadays. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they sold out, but they really dipped in my mind, which is a shame because they were on the right path to greatness. Oh well, this album is still pretty good as far as what this band have to show for. Like I said, it’s much better than the last record, yet every bit as political.

One thing that I really liked on this record were the guitars. The solos between Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro are really fucking exciting and are some of the best in contemporary death metal. I fee like they really carry this record though. The Charn kills it on drums as always (which sucks because he’s my age ) and I don’t think anyone really pays attention to bass in metal so we’ll skip right over him (haha…it’s funny because I played bass in a death metal band…haha).

I belive that he band released “Nourishment Through Bloodshed” as the first single some time ago, so if you heard that, then you’ve got a pretty good understanding of what this album has to offer. I also think the band made a video for “Imperium Wolves”  so those are good tastes of what to expect. Apart from those songs though, I think “The Black Discharge” and “Manipulation Stream” are killer tracks and I would recommend listening to the album for those tracks as well. For only nine songs, I would say it’s a pretty solid, consistent and all around good record. It’s not the best thing this band have done, but it’s certainly not the worst.

I’d recommend that you check this out. If you’re like me and have been a fan of this band since their inception, then I think you’ll still be able to get into this album. It really is good eve though I feel like it’s not really the direction I’d like to see Job for a Cowboy going. I mean, those pig squeals and deep deathcore snarls are what made the band on “Entombment of  Machine” and now you never hear tha in the vocals. Still, check it out. I think a bunch of you will dig it because it’s better than Ruination.

Last but not least, I gotta hand it to the band…they have some really cool album artwork and I think this is the coolest album cover from them thus far.

Luke Helker


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